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White papers, case studies, user guides, training documents

Informational content doesn't have to be lifeless—it has to be clear, accurate, and engaging. While most writers swoon over the chance to write clever dialogue or poetic prose, I prefer the challenge of taking complex, unorganized information and turning it into a logically structured document that's easy to follow and provides value to the reader.


Blogs, ebooks, newsletters, checklists, infographics

One of my college professors loved to tell his students, "Words mean things." This painfully obvious statement elicited groans and eye rolls among my Brit Lit classmates, but it serves as a good reminder to carefully consider the words that represent your brand. They are a powerful tool but can easily be misused. Don't risk alienating your audience—let an expert craft your content marketing messages.


Anything nonfiction

It's not always necessary to start from scratch. While some content is truly dead on arrival, more often than not, a good editor can save a bad piece of writing. If you have existing content that has all the information you want to share but needs a little TLC, let's review it and see what the prognosis is.



My love for writing and research began at an early age. As a kid, I spent hours flipping through encyclopedias (yes, this was pre-Google) and writing essays about topics that caught my eye.

As an adult, I don't have time to write unsolicited articles about cheetahs, but I get my fix by working with brands to create informative content that converts because it's authentic and provides value.

Gone are the days when companies could quickly churn out low-value, keyword-packed content and expect results. Both consumers and search engines ignore this type of content now. 

You have to provide value. People should read your white paper or blog post or newsletter and walk away shocked that they just got all that information for free. It's a clear sign to customers that you respect them and that your company takes its products or services seriously.

Yes, this type of writing takes more time. Yes, it's more expensive. 

But companies that invest in high-quality custom content are rewarded with a loyal and engaged customer base that's primed to send sales through the roof. 




All of my expectations were met and exceeded in working with Written by Whitten. As a start-up business, it is challenging to build content suitable for all audiences and to do so in a timely manner. In my case, Melissa ensured both. She listened to my needs and brought my ideas to life. She did so while preserving tone, compiling data, and presenting it all in a compelling way. She has been more than a writer, but a valuable collaborative partner as well.



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